Hudson Valley Ghostbusters

Hudson Valley Ghostbusters, Inc, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit committed to helping our local community and having some fun along the way

Proton Packs and Parades

It's March already?! It may not feel like it quite yet, but spring is just around the corner. I couldn't be more excited to dive back in full steam ahead for our 2023 volunteer calendar year with the Hudson Valley Ghostbusters! It feels extra special for me, personally, because my one year anniversary with this wonderful organization is just about here. In fact, the very first event I attended as a Rookie is coming up again, the Wallkill St. Patrick's Day Parade on Sunday, March 19th. But don't worry if you aren't able to come see us there because we'll also be marching in the Beacon Parade of Green even sooner, on Saturday, March 11th. Be sure to come out if you can and cheer everyone on, yelling extra loud when you hear our Ecto siren and familiar music blasting down the street.

The last few months have been our off season, so we've been diligently working on new gear. In fact, many in the group have been in their labs perfecting some very special additions to our Ghostbusting tools of the trade that we can't wait for you to see at our next events. I've personally been developing a brand new experiment to complement our fan favorite Slime Lab that involves some newly "discovered" energetic pink mood slime. You might even be able to sing (or yell) at it, and if you do, it might even react. Science!!

Lastly, shameless plug, be sure to read February's blog post if you haven't already. It was written by the newest member of the HVGBs, my younger brother Shaun. He shares some great insight into what it's like to be a brand new member for bustin' for charity. Applications for new members are still open and information to apply is also within that post, so go check it out!