Hudson Valley Ghostbusters

Hudson Valley Ghostbusters, Inc, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit committed to helping our local community and having some fun along the way

So, You Want To Be a Ghostbuster?

Do you have your dream Ghostbusters cosplay, or are you currently working on getting it together? Have you thought about what you want to do with it? Maybe you have seen your local Hudson Valley Ghostbusters busting for charity and thought maybe it was for you? I recently asked myself all these questions, and the answers were YES!

The Hudson Valley Ghostbusters, or HVGB for short, is the perfect storm of fun, charity volunteer work, and fandom. I am writing this as a new member because I wholeheartedly feel that if you are reading this, and you are on the fence about joining, then you should hop off said fence and on to our side. Fulfillment and so much more await.

In my short time with the organization, I have witnessed some remarkable things. Watching the faces of fellow Ghostbusters fans light up when they meet a "real" Ghostbuster is something I know will never get old. It doesn't matter if the fan is a person in their 40s who grew up with the franchise or a child that caught a viewing on TV and fell in love with he films. Knowing you're playing a part in that kind of joy is truly special.

HVGB doesn't just bring costumes to our events; at Saratoga Comic Con (and most events, for that matter) we had custom proton pack props, ghost traps with working smoke machines installed in them, a growling Terror Dog, and a Onewheel modified with an ECTO theme, all purchased, modified, or crafted by our team. I can't fail to mention the GMC and Tacoma owned by two club members that are modified with an impressive ECTO theme that includes moving parts, lights, the iconic siren, and full sets of Ghostbusters decals. Both trucks were able to be displayed in the Arlington Christmas Parade in December 2022. Riding in the truck and hearing the siren while the Ghostbusters theme plays in the background and people cheer "Who ya gonna call?!" is a moment I won't forget for the rest of my life.

The experience hasn't been all cheering people and cool toys, though. As a new member, I have seen the dedication that my fellow (and more experienced) Ghostbusters have for the cause. Not only have they built the incredible stuff discussed above, but they have helped refine HVGB to be a lean busting machine that is effective in its main goal; raising money for charity. Some members offer technical skills in photography or computer programming. Others are excellent craftsmen or masters of management. Some members are able to connect to crowds, instantly bringing in donations or just providing smiles while others can bust out slime (our main source of our donations to charity) at impressive rates. Being a part of such a dedicated and wonderful team is inspiring, to say the least.

I never knew I would have so much fun working for such wonderful causes like the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention or Dutchess Outreach, which provides food for those in need. I have done some kind of volunteer work on and off most of my life, and while it was all useful, valued, and enjoyable, I have never grinned so hard while doing said work before. So what do you think? Want to join?

Explore the site to find out more, or if you're ready to join, apply here