Hudson Valley Ghostbusters

Hudson Valley Ghostbusters, Inc, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit committed to helping our local community and having some fun along the way

Year End Reflections, 2022

Well, what can I say?

Hudson Valley Ghostbusters, Inc. had an excellent 2022.

We hit the ground running, starting off the new year with a more professional approach to what we do. Running a cosplay fundraising group is a lot of fun, but it's also a LOT OF WORK, especially when you're a registered nonprofit.

With our events calendar becoming ever fuller, we knew we needed help. So we instituted a recruitment program in late February, and it was a resounding success! We have rounded out our team with so many more wonderful people, I have trouble believing it sometimes. Our members show up on weekends to volunteer with smiles on their faces, ready to suit up and do some good.

As the Executive Director and a co-founder of HVGB, Inc., I can't believe how lucky I am! The task of running a nonprofit is much easier when you have a good team to work with, and I have the best team I could have ever asked for.

Aside from our Spring recruitment, we implemented new ways to fundraise, and also picked up insurance coverage. That's right: HVGB, Inc. Fully unlicensed, but totally insured!

We even got to work with another Ghostbusters franchise for the first time. Some of us even pitched in to help our brethren in the New York City Ghostbusters, when they had a booth at New York ComicCon, to fundraise for Trinity Place Shelter. Getting the opportunity to work with another Ghostbusters franchise was great, all nerds like us, all working for a common goal. It was an excellent experience, and I hope to work with NYCGB and other franchises in the future.

Thanks to the groundwork we laid early this year, and the dedication of our team, 2022 was our most successful year (so far!). With the most funds we've ever donated to our various charitable partners, I'd say we did pretty well.

That doesn't mean we'll take it easy in 2023, though. The team at HVGB has risen to every occasion, and then surpassed expectations, so I'm confident we can keep raising funds and donate even more next year.

On behalf of the entire team at Hudson Valley Ghostbusters, I'd like to wish everyone very Happy Holidays, and a safe and Happy New Year.

Editor's note: The link to the NYC Ghostbusters' page may be down at the moment, apparently they and Facebook had a disagreement. Hopefully it will be back up soon, if it isn't already. Stay fit, keep sharp, and make good decisions, friends and fans