Hudson Valley Ghostbusters

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A Titanic Update for HVGB?

"Well, better late than never..."

Happy New Year, everyone!

Though the winter months are typically a time of hibernation and reflection, the Hudson Valley Ghostbusters have definitely not rested. With only two months left, excitement is starting to build for the next Ghostbusters film, Frozen Empire. With the hype being generated, many of our members kicked off winter projects -- from new uniforms and apparel pieces to proton pack upgrades and fabricating all new gear. The weather in New York has even dipped down enough to create a preview of Frozen Empire, and some members were able to successfully field test these new additions.

The trailer for the new film has truly stirred interest in our organization -- with Ghostbusters fresh in everyone's mind, recruitment is booming with several potential members coming to us nearly every day. Word of mouth is also spreading from newer recruits to interested people they encounter, sparking possible new additions. (Please see editor's note below)

A huge buzz has also been surrounding the identification of a certain radio that is seen in the Frozen Empire trailer. Former Ghostbusters prop master Ben Eadie has even weighed in on the proper usage of the short-wave walkie talkie, as it requires an operator's license from the FCC. HVGB members have discussed the benefits of acquiring the equipment and the required license to better serve the public while on duty. We're researching the legalities and best course of action, but in the meantime, we've noticed other options (namely 3D printed versions that would serve as non-functioning props).

On the business side, we've been contacted by a handful of organizations for appearances, and the various conventions and other events have started sharing their calendars for 2024. By the time of this writing, we are already committed to a few, and several more are being explored each week. Members are checking their own schedules against the flurry of opportunity on the horizon, and potential attendance from HVGB is looking great!

Whatever the future may hold, we're definitely preparing to face everything head-on!

Editor's note: Bob mentioned the recruitment surge in this post, but shortly after this post was originally written, it was decided to temporarily freeze our recruitment. If you're still interested in joining us, come see us at an event and hang with us, you may still be able to join up.