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There's Something You Don't See Every Day

I was just stepping out for lunch (I work in Manhattan) when a message came over our group's shared chat that the new Ghostbusters movie, codenamed Firehouse, was shooting again in NYC. Specifically, shooting at the Firehouse on North Moore Street that served as the exterior of the Ghostbusters HQ in the movies from '84 and '89.

Now, luckily enough, I work only about 12 blocks from there, so needless to say, my lunch plans changed. At a brisk pace, I made my way downtown on foot to the firehouse.

Half a block out were the signs saying you might be caught on film if you approach (oh noes!).

And there it was. The Ghostbusters firehouse with the ECTO-1 parked right next to it on the street.

I had just been at the firehouse the previous weekend for Ghostbusters Day, presented by The Buffalo Ghostbusters. At that event was a VERY well done ECTO by ECTO-1NJ, but this was different. This was the lovely lady herself... THE ECTO*....and she was home. Two huge parts of my childhood, feet apart, and tugging on every nostalgia thread of my geek-cloth.

From what I could ascertain, they were shooting inside the building. I couldn't see exactly what, but I heard the calls for "Speed!" and "Rolling!" come over the radios every so often. I did attempt to engage a couple people working security and production on the street, but as they were actively shooting, they were very focused and I decided not to be that guy, stay out of their way, and let them do their job.

I resigned myself to walking down the sidewalk, grabbing photos of the ECTO-1 and the firehouse as I did, then crossed the street and continued snapping as I walked back up the street on the other side.

I wish I had more time to spend, but these were working hours, and I can't risk my gig, which affords me my ability to follow this Ghostbusters passion.

On my walk back to my office, I spent the time sending photos to the team in our group chat and enjoying the camaraderie and mutual geeking out. I also sparked up a conversation with the editor of Ghostbusters News, Jason Fitzsimmons, and offered him exclusive use of the photos.

I was able to share all the photos with Ghostbusters News and they posted an article and corresponding video listing the photos posted (as I asked) as taken by a "Correspondent from the Hudson Valley Ghostbusters." I wasn't looking for any personal attribution, and was just hoping this could maybe draw a few more people to our website. The pictures were subsequently featured in a couple later articles referencing the production of the new movie.

I enjoyed my 15 seconds of Ghostbusters glory. In the words of Winston Zeddemore, I LOVE THIS TOWN!

*I know there are multiple cars, but you get what I mean...

Ecto-1 on the street