Hudson Valley Ghostbusters

Hudson Valley Ghostbusters, Inc, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit committed to helping our local community and having some fun along the way

Ghostbusters: a Franchise, a Friend, a Forever Lifestyle

This life is a funny, crazy, weird, wild journey; and only after living a bunch of it do we start to see the bigger picture. Ghostbusters has been a featured theme through my life, and it has blossomed into a calling to serve my community and make like minded friends along the way. The warmth I have felt surrounding my life thus far, and into the future, has encouraged us to keep pursuing our dreams, because you really can be anything you want -- especially a Ghostbuster!

Act 1: Childhood

Baby Liz

My first crush and boyfriend, Egon, and I would speak on my Fisher Price kitchen phone, the same phone which I would pick up and slam down screaming, "We got one!" as often as I could. I can still remember that glimmer of time "talking" to him in the living room; the sun was shining through the window, and I was as happy as I have ever been and continue to be.

Act 2: School Years


One of my best friends growing up, Ryan, was the biggest Ghostbusters fan I knew, aside from my brother and myself. He was a Ghostbuster for Halloween, he had the logo on everything from clothing to home decor, and eventually got the no-ghost logo tattooed on his arm. The way Ryan told stories and reenacted movies (especially Ghostbusters and Ace Ventura) made people laugh. He was the best of friends and each moment spent with Ryan was full of laughter, joy, and love.

Ryan passed away 12 years ago last month, and as I write this post, I can look back on the laughs, jokes, and good times in the same way I remember feeling in the living room as a child with the sun shining on me.

Act 3: To Infinity and... well, you know

Liz and Brian

September 30th, 2019, I met my husband Brian. A conversation started between us, and it keeps getting better and better; it felt like kismet when I realized we were similar, in that he loves movies, music, positivity, and light. Ghostbusters has continued to bring friendship and laughter into my life. A fun little fact that not many people know is that my mother always wanted me to marry my friend Ryan, so it was only fitting that I got myself a Brian! Ryan was a larger than life personality, and so is Brian. In retrospect, Ryan was my best friend for a reason -- to keep me on my toes, and he left behind a hole that Brian helped to fill. Although Ryan can never be replaced, he would approve of Brian keeping me on high alert, and laughing forever.

Ghostbusters has been and will forever be a catalyst for change for me, in that the franchise has grown into my tree of life quite unexpectedly.

The roots were formed when my parents brought the films into our childhood house, the trunk continued to grow and be strengthened with the help of friendship, and has now become a beautiful tree that provides relief from the outside world and its fast pace. The Hudson Valley Ghostbusters have become great friends that I look forward to seeing, time and time again!

RIP Ryan Risco, 8/27/1984 - 7/12/2011

Ryan's casket

Who ya gonna call?

I will keep up the good fight, bringing joy and happiness to those around me. I miss you so much RR #27